Thank you Maya for such a comprehensive reflection of the life of St Paul’s Lutheran Homes over 50 years.

‘Bound by Compassion’ paints a picture of not only the history of events, but also includes many personal experiences of people who were either residents, employees or participated in the actual building, planning and decision-making for the development of St Paul’s Lutheran Homes as a Christian Aged Care provider.

A wonderful record of the history of Hahndorf, including the life of St Paul’s Lutheran Homes, which we would encourage you to read.

John and Stephnie Wittwer – Chairman of the Board for 10 years and willing volunteers

Maya has created a brilliant history of national importance in her publication Bound by Compassion. The story describes the oldest surviving German settlement in Australia – Hahndorf. This unique town, nestled in the arms of the rolling Adelaide hills has a rich cultural heritage proudly embraced and sustained by the community.

The establishment of St. Paul’s Lutheran Homes Hahndorf becomes the central theme of the publication. It is a fascinating record of a passionate community working together for the comfort and benefit of those in need.

Congratulations Maya on your magnificent contribution to the celebration of not only the town and people of Hahndorf but also to the history of our great southern land, Australia.

Elynor Olijnyk – Author of several early Australian history publications



‘Bound by Compassion’ is a chronological insight into the operations of St Paul’s Lutheran Homes located in the Adelaide Hills town of Hahndorf.

The author’s clear descriptive style provides a comprehensive account, tracing the organisation’s development through significant challenges including the ever-changing Australian political landscape. Maya also highlights the contributions of notable individuals and charity groups, ‘bound by compassion’ to improve the lives of others.

An historical perspective of the early Lutheran Church in the opening chapter is a significant framework for the rest of the publication.

This is an informative, educational read with engaging pictorial content throughout.

It examines the social, political, cultural and personal aspects during the course of St Paul’s Lutheran Homes with detailed clarity.

Leon Woods is an Adelaide based vocational business educator


Maya’s light touch creates a delightful, warm, human historical account of the development of Hahndorf and St Paul’s Lutheran Homes Hahndorf. In Bound by Compassion she weaves the history of Luther-ism, of Hahndorf and consequently St Paul’s Lutheran Homes, using first hand anecdotes and accounts given by those who worked or volunteered there, along with minutes of meetings, records of significant events and newspaper reports. By these means Maya has created an engaging, enjoyable read, a colourful tapestry that describes the genesis and history of Hahndorf and St Paul’s Lutheran Homes.

Absolutely A Must Read for anyone having the slightest interest in aged care, Hahndorf, Luther-ism or Colonial History.

John Lambert – B.Ed. COGE UNSW



There is something in this book for everyone. As a resource, it is very thorough and comprehensive. It covers the history of St Pauls and the Lutheran expansion into aged care in Hahndorf, from the very earliest of times. The history that is presented is embellished with stories from the early European times to the modern day, which gives the book character.

Kath Bowman – freelance technical writer


The author has captured a wonderful history of the Lutheran church at Hahndorf and entwined the growth of St Paul’s Homes within this history.

Jacqui McLean – A previous Board member