About Maya

Maya was born in 1963 in a village governed by former Yugoslavia. Her life took a pivotal turn when she moved to Melbourne with her family in 1970. This new chapter in Australia shaped her early years and set the stage for a diverse and fulfilling career.

Initially, Maya set out into the world of Information Technology, starting her career at the Melbourne Stock Exchange as a Systems Tester. Her skills quickly led her to new opportunities, including a significant offer from the Sydney HQ following the ASX merger. Yet, it was Adelaide that captured her interest with a more attractive offer, advancing her IT career.

After dedicating more than 15 years to the IT industry, Maya found herself seeking a deeper sense of purpose. A suggestion from a friend led her to consider Aged Care—a field that promised a more meaningful engagement with the community. Embracing this new path, she underwent the necessary training and soon found herself in a rewarding role as a Personal Care Assistant, marking the beginning of over two decades of service in this sector.

In 2019, while working at St Paul’s Lutheran Homes Hahndorf, Maya took on a role in the Lifestyle team. It was here that she combined her caring nature with her love for history, engaging the residents with fascinating tales about Hahndorf. Her research and storytelling not only enlightened the residents about their heritage but also deepened her connection with the town’s rich history. This exploration was the catalyst for Maya’s venture into writing, leading to the creation of her first book.

Maya’s creativity extends beyond writing. A skilled artist, she creates captivating original artworks, primarily in oils. Her art, which has been featured in exhibitions in Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne, and sold overseas, includes pieces that have been transformed into beautiful prints and cards.